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VTP Port Company is a member of the Southern Cone Ports Corporation.

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Valparaiso Passenger Terminal (PLC)

Valparaiso Passenger Terminal (P.L.C.) (VTP) is a corporation formed by AGUNSA (99%) and Tesco (1%) to build and operate a passenger terminal at the Port of Valparaiso, according to a public tender awarded for the next 30 years.

The passenger terminal building is located 2 kilometers from berths and consists of 4,200 m2 of space at the old warehouses of the Port of Valparaiso, specially designed for the operation of the Terminal.

VTP has been certified under the port security standards required by the ISPS Code by the Maritime Authority of Valparaiso.

VTP is also developing the area of events offering its facilities for fairs, seminars, corporate events, shows, etc.

Offices VTP nudo Barón S/N Valparaíso Chile - Casa Matriz AGUNSA Urriola 87 Valparaíso Chile

56-32-2556391 / 56-32-2556393