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Getting to VTP

Getting to your Cruise Ship

The only way of embaking a cruise ship docked in Valparaiso is through VTP. This terminal provides free shuttle services and a wheelchair accessible van between the cruise ship and the terminal building.

Important: Some tourists instruct taxi drivers they are going to the cruise ship, and taxi drivers that are unfamiliar with embarkation procedures take them to Sotomayor Square, close to the berths. Make sure you clearly state you are going to the VTP Cruise Terminal "Terminal de Cruceros VTP" with entry through Barón Train Station "Estación Barón", or you may have to pay for a second taxi.

You can print one of these maps for later reference.

Getting to VTP

Private transport:

VTP from Santiago/ SCL Airport

VTP from Valparaíso

VTP from Viña del Mar

Public transport:

By Metro Valparaíso

To arrive to VTP by metro, get off at Baron station "Estación Barón", exit the station, cross the railway line towards the ocean, turn left and walk half a block to find the free shuttle bus, which will take you to the cruise terminal. Departures every 5 minutes.

From Valparaiso Bus Terminal.

Authorized transport:

Imagenes Phone: +56323126911 - +56999208283 (english)

Imagenes Phone: +56996795280 - +56962374763 - 6009399000